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I would like to thank you for all your help, very professional and a major factor in me passing my driving test today after a few attempts and suffering nerves. All the best Kate and can't thank you enough.


So a few months back, I was at my lowest point ever of my life. I was getting to the point where I didn't know who I really was,  crying everyday as I hated who I was and wouldn't talk to my family. I was thinking all silly thoughts of doing things to myself  as I was so depressed and suffering with anxiety. As a family we have had a lot going off with my dads illness, Gareth my brother leaving the family and a lot more. With my lovely friend's advice, she was telling me that counselling was a brilliant way  of helping with depression and anxiety.  I took her advice and found the lovely Kate, my counsellor. Kate was there for me  most weeks to talk to about all my problems and towards the  end of my sessions, I was talking about my progress I was making with getting my life back together.

After a number of sessions I have found the old me back, I am so happy with my life. I have my ups and downs but I have little  ways of dealing with it as Kate has helped me  build a toolbox of anxiety techniques. I have so much to look forward too this year, getting married to the man of my dreams and hopefully to start a family with  him one day. Also I have such a supportive family behind me, my wondeful Mum and Dad. I miss my brother don't get me wrong but I am coping  so much better with the help from Kate and my family behind me. It doesn't bother me anymore, I am a stronger and better person.

Today I finished my last counselling session with Kate, she has promised to be there  for me in the future to help me if I need it. I am so grateful to Kate and just want to share with people how important it is to talk. I was so nervous and scared about opening up, I opened up more to Kate  than I did with my family as I was scared  I was going to hurt them. Thank you so much Kate, you do such an amazing job and I just want to make people aware of the  brilliant work you do.


Kate was brilliant and it is the best decision I have made to speak and start working with her to address my panic attacks.

Before our sessions, I thought there could be a magic wand to make it all better, but life isn't like that, I will always have to work hard at it but feel better placed to do so now. Kate listened, she never belittled anything or made me feel silly. She was very understanding and supported me immensely. We used theories to explain how I was feeling, related them to my life as a guide to look at how to change my mind set and overcome a huge amount of anxiousness.

Kate put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. I'd therefore recommend anyone who feels anxious or nervous to see her as everyone has different personalities and it's about finding the best person to help you, I feel very lucky that Kate and I worked so well together. I would not hesitate to recommend Kate to anyone who needs help.


Thanks Kate Banton, such an amazing experience highly recommended that was an amazing past life regression!


I met Kate whilst training on Dip Hypnotherapy (trainer Chris Padro) in 2008. Since we've attended training days and workshops together, hypnoanalysis (free association) EFT Emotional Freedom Technique and NLP (Nuero Lingusitic Programming) working closely through our CPD (Continuing Professional Development), Kate guided me through twelve sessions of hypnoanalysis, therefore giving me first hand experience of her as a practitioner.

Kate has the ability to work insightfully and intuitively, a rare quality, whilst enabling the client to work at their own pace through impasses (feeling stuck) towards positive outcomes. Kate's insight gives her an advantage, underpinning her ability to work effectively within the helping profession. I'm now based in Cornwall however, Kate still remains a close trusted member of my support circle and we meet frequently both in the Midlands and SouthWest.


I have had six amazing sessions with Kate Banton for weight loss. Kate is very caring and thoughtful, with a very easy to follow voice, which helped me get into relaxation. She has helped me to remove negative thoughts towards food and helped me change to realistic, healthy positive ones. She also helped me with stress and anxiety towards food. What I've gained is that I'm more relaxed around food now, I now think before I choose what to eat, I also stop eating when I'm full. Best of all my clothes are feeling looser and I feel more confident in myself. Kate also made me a CD for aftercare, which I'm finding is keeping me positive and on track. This is the first time i've tried this type of treatment with a hypnotherapist/counsellor and I would recommend it, as it is tailored to each persons individual needs.


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