Counselling and EFT

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Counselling and EFT


Counselling is a talking therapy where the therapist provides a safe, impartial, confidential environment for the client to work through any issues that they may be having. It is a way for you to work through feelings, emotions and difficulties in a safe way and become more self aware.


My course was an integrated counselling course so I will work with you in a way that you feel comfortable with and a way that I believe will be the most beneficial for you.


Counselling is NOT advising, befriending and is not judgemental.


£40per hourly session, concessions available with proof.


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a powerful technique, which helps to alleviate the trauma of emotions and memories around the body. We do this by tapping on meridian points around the body (see picture) and saying certain words based on the individuals needs. It is often referred to as acupressure without the needles.


By releasing emotions and memories from the body in this way we can help to alleviate pain and illness, which often comes from unresolved emotions. Once the distress is reduced or removed the body can often heal and rebalance itself.


It is extremely useful in pain relief and phobias and much more.


Please don't hesitate to get in touch for a free no obligation consultation or for more information.


£60 for two hours.

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